We aim to use our keen industry knowledge to educate our clients and tailor a course of action that’s unique for your organization.


Here’s a quick breakdown of what we do

  • Three-Year Roadmap
  • Benchmarking
  • Financial Forecasting & Reporting
  • Funding Arrangement Analysis
  • Modeling
  • Budgeting
  • Benefits Technology
  • Pricing Negotiations
  • Annual Compliance
  • Employee Communication
  • Well Being

Let’s Get Specific


Three-Year Roadmap

We will build a long-term strategic plan that will illuminate our path forward for every client. We will work with you to ensure this plan fits with the needs of your business regardless of size.


Recruiting and retaining talent (especially in a tight labor market) has never been more important. Measuring how your benefits programs stack up against the competition is critical. Equally important is making sure the data being used is relevant and timely. We use multiple sources of data to ensure you are getting relevant and timely information.


Financial Forecasting & Reporting

We are dedicated to getting the best possible pricing outcomes for your business. Through our in-depth analysis of your business and its benefits needs, we provide personalized options that minimize your cost while solving your benefits demands.

Funding Arrangement Analysis

One funding option doesn’t fit all. That’s why we evaluate your company’s risk tolerance, claims, and several other factors to better understand where your company fits on the funding continuum. We ensure that your company will be provided with a funding option that is personalized for your business and its needs.



You and your business never stop moving. That’s why we are committed to forecasting employee contributions and plan alternatives in a timely manner without delaying your decision making and grinding your renewal process to a painful hault.


We provide comprehensive, up-to-date budgeting for all your health and welfare programs. As a valued client, you’ll hear from us throughout the year to ensure your budgeting is in line with your goals.


Benefits Technology

Using our unique benefits technology, we pinpoint the best technical solution for your benefits needs. We can ensure your plan is right for your business.

Pricing Negotiations

Our goal is to make sure you have the best possible price for your risk. That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with as many possible options available in the market to ensure you have the best option for your business.


Annual Compliance

Helping you ensure your benefits programs are compliant is a diligent process that we take seriously for our clients.

Employee Communication

We are here to help your employees understand and use the programs you so thoughtfully and generously offer. Research has proven that employees are more engaged in their workplace when they appreciate and use their benefits.


Well Being

Organizations are finding that well designed well-being programs help grow employee engagement, lower absenteeism while increasing health. The goal is simple: a healthy, balanced and engaged workforce. But how? This question is especially important for middle market employers who may also need to work within a budget. Birch can help you answer this question.

Have Questions?

We are here to help. We’re experts in walking with our clients one step at a time. Let’s help you start this journey.